Where’ve I been…

I went on a political rant over a number of posts a few years ago and it digressed too far from what I established this blog to be. 

This is an outlet for me as a Witch going through life. Later, it evolved to going through life as a Witchy Mama. But it was never supposed to be polically based. I have my strong views and I act upon them, but that is for another outlet. 

So, where’ve I been? Why so silent?

Well…I’ve been wrapped up in politics and political activism. I’ve been marching with my tribe, not for myself, but for the world around me. I’ve been writing and calling my elected officials and sharing my concerns. My Facebook feed has been calibrated based on my interactions to continue to show me all of the activism that I have done and the work that I and my people have left to do. And I’ve gotten to the point where that’s all I see. 

You don’t need to get it here. 

As we come to the end of January, I am going to control my “Like” button more and save my feed for food porn, witchy memes, comic books, and baby pictures. I am going to continue to read and continue to be active for the benefit of my family and my community. But it can go too far. There is a flip side to everything and folks can be lost in deep blue just as well as they can be lost in deep red. 

I am also reading for pleasure again and am almost ready to write by first post in the witchy book challenge. 

So while I haven’t been here, I’m still here. 


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