Intentions not resolutions

A friend of mine is starting a new plan for 2017, including month-long goals looking at many aspects of her life leading to a more happy, healthy, grounded, and spiritually rich flower. 

I warned her this would be stolen, and stealing it I am. Some of her ideas I am not ready for yet, some I formerly did pre-Little Witches and would like to get back to. Some are specific for us and not on her list, as some things on our list aren’t for her family. 

January- declutter and reduce

February- cleaning schedule, make it to 6,000 steps regularly

March- park for an hour before school on nice mornings

April- bike ride more

May- gardening 

June- make it to 8,000 steps regularly






December- make it to 10,000 steps regularly

The two biggest drawbacks to doing this, for me, is the want to do everything in the moment rather than taking things one at a time. Also, feeling like I am planning through and rushing the whole year. Plus, I’d like to align my intentions seasonally, and I’m not sure of what to do through the summer and fall with the seasons. 

Some things I have already started, though I’m still not regular with, and will continue growing towards: meditating in the mornings (yoga, meditation, divination, etc), honoring each Full Moon, honoring each Sabbat, scrapbooking monthly…


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