12th day of Yule

Today is the 12th and final day of Yule. It is oath night and a night when we make promises to ourselves and/or our family. 

After our yearly appetizer smorgasbord, the kids had shared an ice cream sandwich, and we wrote our oaths for the year. 

The will sit in the jar on the mantle to remind us of our oaths and to open them and see how far we’ve come through 2017. Next Winter Solstice night, we will burn the 2017 oaths to cleanse and prepare for 2018. 

After Hubby took his turn to put Witchling to bed, the three of us set a 2017 YouTube countdown and celebrated the end of 2016 and the start of 2017 with sparkling grape juice and maracas. 

To recap from this Yule: Witchlette is old enough to enjoy and she did. There was magic and Magick in this Yule that there hasn’t been before. 


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