Yule day 11

We didn’t open our box til after Witchling’s nap was finished, around 2:30. Witchlette made the hard to deny request of reading books upstairs, so while we learned that today is dedicated to the Elements and that we would be completing a craft dedicated to the Elements by making totems, we put it off in favor of books. Lots and lots of books. So many books that Hubby came home from his excursion and it was time to get dressed to go out to dinner (we had a PJ day today). 

While waiting for her chicken to cool, Witchlette took her crayons and made a small sacred representation. 

Bonus: as we pulled out of the parking lot, Witchlette was super excited to see a very bright dot, which she knew to be a planet. When we got home, we found it again, and she noticed the faint red dot close to the bright dot, which she knew to also be a planet. And because the faint one was red, it had to be Venus (so close!). We saw on my star map that the bright one was definitely Venus and the red one was Mars. 

Venus is clear, Mars is about an inch NW from Venus, there but dim

Tomorrow we will make real totums while Witchling naps. 


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