10th day of Yule

Today was our vacation day of this winter break. This morning we went to Winterpast, a farm/petting zoo that takes in rescue livestock and raises chickens for eggs. Then we had lunch at one of our favorite places when we’re on the north side of town. After a failed attempt at a nap, we went for a nice walk on the Greenway then played at the playground. 

While at the slides, Witchlette decreed that we hadn’t yet opened the box for today! 😯

Upon returning home, we opened the box and learned that today is dedicated to ancestors. 

Witchlette knows some basic stories about two of her great-grandfathers: one turned off the lighthouse in New Jersey so the bad guys (Nazi ships in WWII) couldn’t find the land and hurt people. The other she knows the most about having a hankie (it’s how I convinced her to take one in the car after she kept needing to blow her nose but wouldn’t stop shredding her tissues) and that he was very proud of being Irish and liking the [awful] Rangers. 

Today, we talked about all of the countries we come from and her lineage. We looked at a globe and found them all: Hubby’s dad: Nebraska area Cherokee, Ireland, England; Hubby’s mom: Poland; my dad’s: Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Russia; my mom’s: England, Sweden, Germany. 

Note: I’d like to make a nice scrapbooking page for each side of the family going back a few generations. Maybe I can have that done by next Yule…


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