Yule days seven and eight 

We only half did Yule say 7 on the correct day. Yesterday was the day of community, a day to make a positive contribution to the greater good around you. Well, remember when I said we may not make it to the one sun wheel candle because we all had a stomach bug? The ick returned and it was Hubby’s turn yesterday. My turn was on the 23-24th and I overdid it with food on the 25th putting me a day back in my healing. I did not have enough energy to get me and two kids out of the house to complete our activity and Hubby wasn’t well enough to keep one while I took one- nor did I think I had the energy for just Witchlette. 

Today, while Witchling napped, Witchlette went out to the store and bought some shelf-kept items to donate to the food pantry. There are still two big brown bags fully loaded with soap, feminine care products, soup, fruits, veggies, soups, rice, and beans sitting in my trunk. Because, while I have great ideas, I have poor plans. The food pantries are all closed until January 3rd so the food will remain in my trunk until they open again. 
Today, also, is father’s day, dedicated to the Allfather and to all fathers. Today Hubby got to choose the activity, which was to take a walk. 

Freedom on the trail

Look! Two crows! That means Odin’s nearby!- Witchlette

Sunset on the way home


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