Night five/The second night of Yule

Sunday, we welcomed Eartg as we ate breakfast and cheated with our time, but still joined in all the thousands of others in our Sun Wheel. Tonight, we lit our fifth and final candle

Here is our ritual.

North, south, east, west

May our Circle now be blessed

We are a Circle

Within a Circle

With no beginning

And never ending

Today, we call upon the spark of life found in all things. This spark of life is formed by the essence of the four elements. The four elements, likewise, could not be without the spark. This spark, the spirit in all things, unites the four elements to complete the Circle as we have united with those from around the globe to make a sun wheel prayer for peace, love, understanding, compassion, and brotherhood. We are all in this together. 

So mote it be. 

[After the meal]

East, west, south, north

From our we Circle now go forth

Witchlette was very confused about lighting the candle because today is only Wednesday. 

Tonight is also our family celebration of the second night of Yule. We are having our high feast and opening gifts the celebrate the past year and all we have accomplished. We are also hunkering down waiting to hear if Heimdall has to blow his horn to signal the beginning of the end. We will continue with our celebration tomorrow night if we awake again to a longer day and a shorter night with life renewed. 


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