Old soul

I’ve been believing for quite some time now that this is absolutely not Witchlette’s first trip. She’s been here before. Her intuition and her maturity are…she’s years before her time. 

One morning, earlier this week, she explained to me my own reincarnation. 

She has encountered death. My mom’s dog passed not terribly long ago and Witchlette was there to experience and understand it. We review every night with our meal blessing where our food comes from, and bless the plants and animals who died so that we may consume them and live. Just the other day, she got a deep explanation of this when she asked why we have deer meat in the fridge and I explained how her hunting works and that her uncle hunts, kills, and cooks the meat. I said it’s like a farmer, except he doesn’t raise the animal himself on a farm. Instead, it’s a wild animal he gets. 

So she knows death exists. She knows death is final, permanent. She knows death sometimes comes with a purpose- like for food. 

But, she doesn’t know that people die. I have kept her rather sheltered from that part of it. We will get there, when someone elder passes. I still have a grandparent alive and I suppose this will be her first conscious experience with human death. (She was 6 months old at my grandfather’s funeral).

Despite this, she explained to me, very eloquently, that I will become a very very old lady. Then I will become a little girl and I will marry Daddy again. 

Knowing me and Hubby, I don’t doubt it. And seeing her old soul, I wouldn’t doubt she was with us for at least one of our journeys together. 


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