30 Days: Admiration

What I admire most about Frigg is, after researching, how she owns herself and as both a mother and a wife. The myths known most hold her only as a mother figure, and this is the aspect I dislike. She was not just a mother, she was also a wife and a lover. She was not chaste before or after children, but she was very warm and open with her husband (and consorts).

A large part of me wonders if, as has happened with many pre-Christian cultures, Frigg’s persona changed in the sagas to reflect one of the characters in the Christian sagas. As a mother, someone who gives her all for her son and makes her son- notably only one of her sons and excluding all of her other children- the center of her whole world and the meaning of her existence. The notion that, as a mother, all sexuality would be placed on Freya and Frigg would remain chaste because she is a mother figure is just silly. Freya may own sexuality the way a young 20 year old woman owns sexuality but that doesn’t mean that the 40-year-old mother and wife is chaste. Her sexuality has changed as she has matured and her desires may be put on the back-burner so she may care for children and household, but that doesn’t mean she is chaste. It isn’t, however, until one digs past the more popular myths where the find Frigg being more than just a Mary-esque mother figure.

She was able to not fracture these parts of herself, but saw herself as many parts of a whole. This is something that I personally struggled with in the last year or so. I didn’t have this issue as a mother of one, but with Witchling… The issues I had with him were not bonding issues. I was on the other end of the spectrum. Rather, I had a need to be with him at all times at all costs. I was nothing but a mother. I have since put my fractured self back together and I am able to see myself the whole- the mother, yes, but wife, educator, daughter, friend.

Serendipitous that I discovered and have thoroughly and thoughtfully embraced Frigg at this point in my journey. That I discovered my feather just as all of my fractured pieces were back together and my spiritual glue was drying.



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