30 Days: Outward Representations

Frigg is the ultimate in femininity, but she does not accept Anglo-Abrahamic view of a woman’s place as under her husband. A woman’s role, from that world view, is to support her man. Frigg was Odin’s partner, sharing in responsibility of looking out to see all worlds. She was also one of his closest advisers. She was not subservient to him, but was his equal as his wife and partner.

She owned her sexuality and has used it to get what she wanted. This is another commonality with Freyja, but where Freyja saw shame, Frigg saw power. Her use of her body was no different than a warrior using his body as a means to an end. She would, I believe, be a supporter of women who use their bodies to earn a living. After all, the only difference is between a sex worker and an athlete is that power. A sex worker holds power over her clients. much as Frigg held power over Vili and Ve.


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