30 Days: Cross-Cultural

If Frigg and Frija are one in the same, then Allmother is equal to all Earth Mothers. This would equate her to Gaia, the Earth Goddess from the Greek pantheon.

Frigg lost a child and descended into Helheim to see him again. She shares this grief with Demeter, who lost her daughter Persephone to the Underworld.

As a mother figure, she could also have similarities with Danu, from Celtic traditions, though Danu is the mother of all Celtic deities, not just the mother/queen figure. Frigg, in contrast, has a clear genealogical line of who her children and step-children are.

Neith is an Egyptian goddess of fate. She sits weaves the threads of life. Similarly, Frigg, sitting at a spinning wheel, weaves destinies of gods and man.



2 thoughts on “30 Days: Cross-Cultural

  1. Fny says:

    I personally do not think Frigga and Freya are the same, they are just so different. Frigg is Mother, family, earth, fertility. Freya is sensuality, sex, violence, war. Yes, fertilty too but… more sex/pleasure than procreation really. While it is an interesting idea thinking of them as two stages of the same, the young vs the mature, it doesn’t quite sit right with me. The feel of them is so different. Sure there are certain similarities, but aaaah…. to me it seems wrong. Though who am I to tell? I might be wrong.

    • Lunapo says:

      The best piece I read was they were both aspects of the ancient Frija and were really developing into their own when the Christian smackdown came and halted the evolution. They had become and were continuing to separate more and more. Like you said, Frigg more matronly and Freya more consort. Frigg embracing her body while Freya uses it as a tool and feeling shame upon doing so. Frigg came first, then Freya from her but both evolved from Frija.

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