Published December 8, 2016 by Lunapo

Last week we learned something very special about a teacher at the kids’ school. 

Ms. M shared she had been admiring my necklace, the two Mjolnirs with each child’s birthstone sandwiching a Pentacle. She shared she follows a Pagan path as well. I gushed about how involved Witchlette is in ritual, both at home and at Magick Circle. And that Witchling has started to say Blessed Be to candles. Ms. M was smiling ear to ear to know that one of her favorite students is also a blooming Witch. 
Yesterday, as I picked up the kids, Ms. M shared an Amber bracelet she found for Witchling. Witchlette then showed me the amethyst bracelet Ms. M had gotten for her. 

How amazingly blessed are we that one of the kids’ favorite teachers is not only magical bit also Magickal. 


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