30 days: a woman’s work 

Mundane, to a Witch, is Magickal. Part of what makes Magick so great is to take time, effort, joy, and pride, in doing what must be done anyway but doing it in a way that makes it special. Sweeping, mopping, dusting- all can be done through Magick. All go to making a house a home and all are mundane practices that can be used to honor Frigg, the patroness of the hearth and home.

As Fny remarked recently, Frigg herself is  “Always there, lingering in the background, subtle yet with immense strength and presence. Like the earth itself easy to take for granted, but foolish are those who underestimate Her importance and strength.” Much like a mother in other senses, as brought up again and again in different comedies…Modern Family, The Simpsons, Flintstones, The Middle…Mom goes away and things fall apart.

I can’t get a clip of just what I want because the episode is too new. But there is a scene, shown above with in the review, where the family is gathered around the phone speaking with Marge in jail. Homer is in his underwear asking Marge if his pants are in the prison laundry. Lisa has a permission slip that needs to be signed, and it will be done faster if she mails it to the jail, has Marge sign it, and mail it back. I don’t recall Bart’s issue, but it’s along the same line. Mom was here and cared for everything, but was underappreciated and taken for granted. And now the family doesn’t know what to do without her.

Hail to Frigg,

The Beloved

May those of us who hold you in esteem

Bring you from the fringes into the forefront.


One thought on “30 days: a woman’s work 

  1. Fny says:

    I begun my polytheistic journey knowing only Mother and Father. Not because anyone had taught me that, it just was. Father was above, Mother was below in the very earth itself. Eventually I started reaching out and exploring beyond them, and in a greeting ceremony of sorts I went through a number of Gods and Goddesses in a sort of… “Hello, I’d be happy to know you more, I’m here!” – thing. As I came to Frigga I to my surprise felt a great sense of recognition. The energy, the warmth, the feel of her, I recognized Mother. It was quite a shocking experience, like when you know on the door of a stranger only to find the person opening to be your old time friend, you know?

    I’m not saying Frigga is the great Mother Earth. But ahh, at the same time that is exactly what I’m saying. Or not. Perhaps they are connected but not the same. I don’t know. But still…

    I never got Frigga a candle of her own, because every time I light Mother’s candle at the shrine I can’t help feeling like they are in fact the same, in some way.

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