30 days: Evolution

​When attempting to find information about changed worship, I came across two main veins of information: Do modern Heathens even acknowledge Frigg? or Hey, there’s a new temple coming in Iceland that is devoted to Thor, Odin, and Frigg!

Worship of Frigg, at least what I have seen, has been lost to the sands of time. Some are working to recreate blessings for her. The Modern Heathen has a blot for her which includes information about her participation in the Wild Hunt, an extensive list of her children and stepchildren, including that Thor is either her brother or stepson. After, there is a lovely invocation and a Round of Toasts. 

Invocation to Frigg

Lady Frigg, most magnificent!

Asgard’s Queen, in your cloak of stars:

We call to you: Be with us now!

Send your mighty maidens to us:

Swift Gna, bringing grace and good fortune;

Golden Fulla with her overflowing gifts;

Gentle Hlin, giving comfort and strong warding

Against all grief, despair and evil

That assail the heart.

Teach us your wisdom, Mother,

To order our lives, homes and folkways rightly,

For the good of all,

And to reflect your grace and brightness.

–Winifred Hodge

Round of Toasts

Frigg I toast, Lady All-Holy,

Odin’s loved companion, wonder-working queen!

Shining lady, splendid queen,

Blessed in triumph, binding folk together.

Lover of your people, lady bright-minded,

Bridler of kin-strife, bourne of kin-mindfulness.

Protector and peaceweaver, friendly goddess:

Your blessing give us, to babies and brave men,

Mother kind, of mind most excellent.

Great-hearted queen, holding secret counsel

With god-loving soothsayers; to the wise-minded

Giving rede and wisdom, discretion and prudence.

Key-keeper mighty, in your starry cape,

Silver adorned, shining heaven’s queen!

Bid us blithely together

To your benches at Fen-Hall sitting;

Offer us the cup of frith and happiness,

Frigg, Queen beloved!

Frigg, my beloved.

Blessings to Frigg!


One thought on “30 days: Evolution

  1. Fny says:

    Frigg, or Frigga as we tend to call her in Sweden, has for a long time now been one I hold in very high regard. Always there, lingering in the background, subtle yet with immense strength and presence. Like the earth itself easy to take for granted, but foolish are those who underestimate Her importance and strength.

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