First night

Tonight is the first night of the Sun Wheel in preparation for Yule. Tonight we shall call to Air as we open our 5 week long Elemental journey. 

Tonight, I have written the following mini ritual, taking pieces from many sources, to be shared by our family as we break bread tonight:

North, south, east, west

May our Circle now be blessed

We are a Circle

Within a Circle

With no beginning

And never ending

Tonight, on this first night, we call upon the Air. Bless us all around the globe and allow us to have clear communication as we share only the truth, that we have understanding not only between each other but within ourselves. 

So mote it be. 

[After the meal]

East, west, south, north

From our we Circle now go forth 


3 thoughts on “First night

  1. owlsdaughter says:

    Thanks for sharing our ritual with your readers! May your rites be blessed!

  2. […] Last week, we welcomed Air as we ate dinner and joined in all the thousands of others in our Sun Wheel. Tonight, we will light our second candle.  […]

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