30 Days: Issues are Everything

Deities often evolved over time to encompass the needs of a changing demographic.

Frigg is the keeper of women in all of their domestic forms: wives and mothers. She is also the carer of children, including unborn children and those who perish young.

I believe domestic violence by husbands/partners against the women they claim to be their most dear is a big issue on Frigg’s radar. As their keeper and protector, she wants them to be safe and happy and whole. Frigg would also be a warrior against our rape culture and general violence against women, from a non-domestic partner attacker as well.  I imagine she wants to empower them to stand up to their aggressor as Frigg may have been a domestic goddess, but she was Odin’s equal and definitely not a pushover. She was the powerful neck which guided the head. She wants women to be as she was, and if they are being hurt by their husbands/partners, to push back and get away. Frigg would not have stood for any form of violence from man to woman.

The second current issue I believe is high on her radar is abortion. If she was here now, I’d like to believe as also the keeper of women, that she has a balance between the two. She would be pro-choice, but a humane pro-choice, knowing that when the health is in jeopardy of either the woman or the fetus, that termination is the best course of action. As the keeper of children, she would know that a child who is born into a home that is unwanted leads to that child potentially being neglected and/or abused simply because the would-be parents were not prepared for this huge responsibility. She would encourage women to carry to term and seek adoption, as there are a number of families who want a child but, for a multitude of reasons, cannot conceive themselves. She would understand the need for immediate medical intervention after a night of rape, but may offer the adoption encouragement after a moment of consensual relations leads to life.

These are 100% my beliefs and, while I know that I am projecting, I feel she would agree given all of her parameters.


One thought on “30 Days: Issues are Everything

  1. Fny says:

    The question of abortion really isn’t an easy one. =/ It’s one of these issues that I just…. ghahhh, it’s complicated. And that in itself – that it IS complicated – I think should be highlighted more. Instead pro-lifers seem to paint out pro-choicers as cold hearted murderers, while pro-choicers in turn paint out pro-lifers as misogynists who think women should stay in the kitchen. That aggressive demonizing of the opposition, that goes on from both sides, has really put the actual question out of focus. A question that doesn’t have an obvious answer!

    What Frigg thinks in the matter….? I don’t know. Probably something along the lines of what you described above. But… I don’t know, I really don’t.

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