30 Days: Sacred Devotions

In the readings I have done, I have gleamed that Frigg has been lost to history. In some studies I have completed during several nap times, I have come to the conclusion that Frigg (as well as Sif) was a major goddess who gave way to the more provocative Freyja. The oral histories were indoctrinated out of memory and the texts were written from a post-Christianity viewpoint trying to reconstruct a major religion.

Putting everything together, the full moon is a symbol of Frigg and would be a time sacred to her. Last night in Raleigh, there was a full moon cloaked in a thin wisp of clouds as it was on the horizon. This, I believe, was Frigg’s moon.

Yule is a sacred time to her, as this is the remaining major myth left to her- she plays a role in saving the life of her son which is taken around the time of Yule. The first night of Yule is mother’s night, for Frigg and all mothers.

Places have also been wiped off the face of history. Frigg’s places of worship are historically in Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Greenland, and Norway though relics have been found in Ireland and Wales as well. When Erik the Red sailed across to the New World, I have little doubts he sailed with Thor at his back and brought relics related to the Heathen gods with him to protect him and his men on his journey.

Given that, I would say that any place where you can find a grove with young animals or children playing freely, a happy home with a warm hearth, a husband and wife sharing affection, a mother and child smiling together- these are all the times and places where Frigg is present.

Frigg came on my radar as a mother figure, though I understand she is more than just that. She is a dynamic being with different elements to make up her whole, as am I. I feel I am honoring her when I make a meal for my family, play with and enjoy my children, love my husband. I also know she made herself known to me as I was blessing the moon, and she presented the feather, so feathers and moon blessings are my own personal ways to honor her.


4 thoughts on “30 Days: Sacred Devotions

  1. Love this. I have great respect for Frigg. I listen to the song, Friggas Web by Hagalaz Runedance often when I contemplate her and have found her in many of the same places you have. You said Raleigh. Are you also in NC?

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