And just like that…

…it’s over. 

One side once a day was not enough to keep up supply. Three consecutive mornings of attempts with no let down. I’m all dried out. No more nursing. 

I can’t say that I’m 100% happy about it, especially because he is still looking to nurse every morning. But I’m also not 100% disappointed because he is 14 months old, and he began rejecting the breast, at least at night, a few weeks ago. 

With Witchlette, it was different. While I always knew, with the doctors and the treatment, that she could be my only, there was always a chance of going it again. With Witchling, there is not. Family complete, nursing over. 

Two kids both nursed over a year is nothing to scoff at. It’s something I will always carry with pride. 

But Witchling still looks for his morning nursing, not for sustenance, but for comfort and bonding. And that’s the part that leaves my heart wanting more. 

But there are positives to being the end. 

9/26/14, first drink post-nursing Witchlette was also the last drink pre-Witchling. Hubby had Red Oak, I had Killian’s

After nursing, 11/19/16, I had pineapple cider, Hubby had Red Oak

There will, I believe, be some Mead in my near future. 


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