30 Days: Half-Truths

Mistakes and misinterpretations are bound to happen with re-constructionist religions. Ancient religions were torn to shreds with the arrival of Abrahamic religions. Anything and everything that was not considered sacred by those in power indoctrinated under the religion they represented was destroyed until there was virtually no trace left.

Common mistakes about Frigg include that she is Thor’s mother. [As discussed, this may or may not be true…]

Image result for thor and frigga movie

Not the Mama?

Deitie’s evolve as peoples migrate. It is thought that Zeus could in fact be the Abrahamic deity and Jesus is translated to be “son of Zeus”, though many other sources say this is not so. Interesting, though, modern images of “God” look an awful lot like Zeus.

Thor was birthed by the Earth mother, fathered by Odin. This would actually make Thor and Frigg siblings as well as step-parent/step-child. Unless Frigg, Allmother, is also Earthmother. That would make Frigg her own mother/skipping a line in the lineage and in fact make her Thor’s mother.

Other misconceptions are that she is chaste as a mother, which is likely a Christian influence and does not align with the sagas, as we already delved through.




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