The beginning of the end

Yesterday was Witchling’s last bottle. He had one ounce of breast milk and three ounces of cow milk. 

Of all the 500+ ounces we had frozen, has, as of yesterday, drank them all. At the beginning of October, we sent him to school with three ounces breast milk and one ounce cow. A few weeks ago, we started two ounces each. At the beginning of last week, we did one breast and three cow. 

Witchling has rejected the right breast for some time now. He was never actually comfortable with it and after his first birthday, I stopped forcing it. Midway through this week, he rejected nursing at night, instead favoring a cup so he can continue his adventures. 

He still nurses every morning, where we have our quiet time together. And that we’ll keep doing for as long as my body allows and his spirit is willing. 


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