Butterfly effect

11 years have gone by since M left this mortal plane. 

How I wish you could have known your niece and nephew. I wish you could have been at my wedding. I wish I could have seen you at prom, graduation, off to college. I wish I could have known who you would grow to be. 

I have grieved for you, and that grief had molded me in such a profound way, it made me who I am today. 

Had you not died…

Would I ever move to NC?
If I hadn’t moved to NC, I wouldn’t have worked with Carolina Conceptions…would I have Witchlette?

Without having Witchlette, would I ever have Witchling?

Without losing you, I wouldn’t know true faith as I would never get the need to be called to my current path. 

My biggest metamorphosis was the grief of your death. 

So much of where I am now makes sense and seem to have always been imprinted in me: Halloween, Magick, witches, supernatural, being so in-tune as Mama to my little Witches…maybe I would end up where I was supposed to be with you here too. But at this point they’re all maybes.


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