30 Days: Family Ties

Nott (Night (f)) with Tiwaz (Sky (m)) had Fjorgyn (Earth (f)). Fjorgyn had Frigg. Fjorgyn and Odin together had Thor. Thor and Sif together had Thrud. Sif in an affair had Ullr. Thor in an affair had Magni and Modi. Frigg and Odin together had Harmod, Hod, and Baldur. Baldur with Nanna had Forseti.

Some sources have listed Tyr as Odin’s son, also with Fjorgyn. Others list him as a non-relative, but rather a close ad visor to Odin, must like Mimir. Looking at the first theory, Tiwaz is another version of Tyr, which makes Tyr his own grandfather. Some also believe Tiwaz is not just another facet of Odin, but another facet of Tyr making them all three different parts of one whole. This would make Tyr his own father and grandfather.


One thought on “30 Days: Family Ties

  1. […] the mother of all Celtic deities, not just the mother/queen figure. Frigg, in contrast, has a clear genealogical line of who her children and step-children […]

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