A blessed year

Yesterday was a wonderful day for us, full of love and laughter. The little Witches and I went trick or treating in the afternoon around a nearby development, then we made rounds in our development after Hubby got home from work. We sat together for dinner, which I made earlier in the day knowing our evening would be jam packed with all the fun activities we had planned. 

I followed everything up with a trip to Magick Circle for the Samhain celebration. Witchling was put to bed and Witchlette enjoyed a night at home with just her and Daddy. 

In my way to the celebration, I was hit with a pang of guilt. The terrible resurgence of mom guilt. I wanted to attend, my soul needed to attend, for wholeness. For sanity. 

Because I feared that by not attending, I would be missing out. But, I was missing out anyway… missing out on time with Witchlette on Halloween night. 

During ritual, the guilt flourished. Here I am, partaking in the celebration of the life of those who have left but to do so stepped away from the lives I have grown within myself back home. 

After ritual, and social time at Magick Circle itself, a group of us went to a local pub to continue our fellowship of the evening. Laughter conversation filled the air. Here to, is life worth celebrating. 

To life, kith and kin. 

Blessed Be. 


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