Meal blessings

Charging of food, a meal blessing, being aware of where you food comes from and how it gets to you, gives the food meaning and gives you more connection to the cycle of life. 

Beginning two weeks ago, we started regularly blessing our meals before we eat. It is something Witchlette looks forward to as she gets to help say the blessing and has a chance to blow out the candle after we have eaten. 

Her favorite part is to bless the farmers. 

We start with blessings to the various animals who have given of themselves, the plants who have given of themselves, the farmers who raised the animals and worked the fields, the butchers who slautered and prepared the meat, and to the cooks who made the meal. 

“One life essence to nourish the life essence of another. Blessed Be.”

The candle glows for all of the meal. After we have finished, the kids take turns blowing out the candle. 

My hope is to have the kids conscious of all their meals and to begin blessing meals beyond meals at the table at home. 


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