30 Days: First Contact

I have written previously of the winding road I have taken with identifying Thor as my Patron. I would hail The Thunderer during each storm. At PPD 2014, I had a rune reading done which showed that a deity was watching over me: Ullr. After doing much research, and reading more of the Eddas, I found there was little I had in common with Ullr, but he lead me back to Thor.

Between having Witchlette and this time frame, I truly took in Frigg as a mother goddess who is there to guide women through labor and birthing and bless the babies as they arrive. I wished I had known her throughout my pregnancy with Witchlette. Luckily, I did know her during my pregnancy with Witchling and knew I could call on her throughout my pregnancy and in the delivery room.

Tiredness and the need for sleep got the best of me, and I still did not regularly call on her- I was too tired to call on anyone- but I did ask for her blessing when I went into labor, and while doctor’s and I were making the decision of delivery method.

My physical recovery with Witchling was significantly easier and faster. Despite having a repeat C-section, I was discharged at the rate of a vaginal birth. Other factors contribute to this, but Frigg’s blessing, I wholeheartedly believe, played a role.

After physical recovery came the emotional journey. Faith in everything waned. One afternoon, I saw the moon and offered a blessing to it. That’s when the feather arrived. That’s when research led me to see more of Frigg and get to know her.

Extended first contact.


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