When I enter the polls, I will proudly declare:

But know this:

“Her” is not necessarily HRC. 

“Her” is every victim of sexual assault who had flashbacks and panic attacks because listening to him speak is a trigger

“Her” is every woman who has been hassled by her otherwise intelligent male co-worker/boss/friend who honestly believes women have control over their internal organs to start or stop menstruation, ovulation, and can force a pregnancy. 

“Her” is every woman who, after a sexual assault, is asked what she could have done to provoke her attacker. In reality, a woman should be able to stand fully nude in Times Square and not worry about being touched and men should be keeping their hands to themselves. 

“Her” is every woman who has to live with the aftermath of her attack, knowing that a judge decided her assailant’s rights/future/worth is more important than hers. Think Brock Turner here. 

This is the “Her” I am with and the “Her” I will continue to fight for every day. 

I don’t agree with 100% of HRC’s platform, but I do know that it’s the one that keeps my “Her” safe. 


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