Born this way

Fall has always been my favorite season, ever since I can remember. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Over Chris and birthday with presents, it was always Halloween. 

I have always been drawn to “occult” stuff. Literature, tv shows…I found beauty in Willow and Tara’s before I understood what it meant to be Pagan. 

I was always drawn to this path, despite not knowing what it was… despite not being exposed to it before. It was always a part of my soul at its core. 

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day, a day celebrated by the LGBT+ community when they stop compartmentalizing themselves and allow all of themselves to come out to the light, to be known fully by friends and family, to be accepted or to cut ties. It is also a day to come out of the Broom Closet. 

Yesterday I reaffirmed my stance outside of the Broom Closet. Yesterday I reaffirmed raising my children on this path, giving them specific terms to keep them safe from bigotry and hatred, but still being proud of who they are, they’re whole selves. 


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