A gift

There have been days of wavering faith. Most evenings and practically every morning, I fail to say my beginning/ending affirmations. Some days I’m still not meditating. Yesterday afternoon, I looked up at the Moon and felt that same tingle. I said a small blessing and I proceeded home. 

I got the little Witches, with opened windows and enjoyed the cool summer breeze on my drive. When I got to the preschool, I raised the windows and went in. Coming back out, I buckled in the kiddos and opened my door, I found a feather on the floor of my car. 

Later that evening, I did some research and learned more about my patroness, Frigg, whom I embarrassingly know little about and it seems I didn’t seek out proper sources when she first pulled at me. From these new sources, I gleaned that she is depicted as wearing feathers in her hair and a feathered cloak. 

I searched out what kind of feather and I believe it to be a falcon under-feather, which is sacred to Frigg. 

This morning, during my meditation, I cast a Circle and invited Frigg to join me. I held the feather and reached out to her. I felt a tingle and a pull. A message and a sign that the feather is a gift from her and an affirmation to keep doing as I’m doing, to keep going. 

Thank you, Frigg. Blessed Be. 


3 thoughts on “A gift

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