New setup

It became increasingly difficult to find reasonably priced color candles. Hubby got a box of white for me and my little Witches to share. 

I can work this. Rather than having basic candle holders, I’ll get color/special candle holders and use white candles. 

That didn’t pan out as easily as I thought either. All the elemental candle holders used the alchemic symbols, which I don’t regularly use. Ideally, dragonfly, turtle, bird, and wolf. Or swirls of flame, earth, water, and clouds. Or mermaid, dragon, gnome, and Pegasus. None of my searches, even at PPD, proved fruitful. 

Then, at Target, Hubby hit jackpot. 

“Babe! There’s 5 here. North, south, spirit, east west.”

Lined up this way, I call North, East, skip, South, West, back to center for Spirit. It looks and feels fresh and elegant. I may add swirls of each element later. For now, elemental totems at the base of each candle works great. And now my altar space is actually usable for journaling, and spell work.

It’s a usable magickal space, perfect for a fresh start getting back into my routine. 


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