Breaking the block

I have been, for some time now, struggling with writer’s block. I can and will talk about my little Witches, and how life is raising them the right way while proudly, but safely, walking on the path.

But writing about spiritual stuff? I feel like I’m stuck in a rut.

Tomorrow marks two weeks at work where I haven’t pumped. Witchling continues to nurse at the source first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He has always preferred left and so only nurses left now. With packing away the pumps, both at work and at home, I am able to fully reclaim my spiritual space as spiritual space, not spiritual/cow space.

And it has been great.

I made meditating a part of my nightly routine, adding it to my list of adulting chores. While Hubby does Witchlette’s teeth, I start cleaning Witchling’s diapers. We together read her a book and put her to bed. After she’s in bed, he would head to the kitchen and I would finish diapers, if needed, and then go to the bedroom and meditate. This worked well until I felt as though I was missing quality time with him. So after the last diaper was done, I would head downstairs and we would tidy the kitchen together.

Image result for how many days does it take to start a habit

I don’t think I ever got to day 21.

So, with more sleep happening regularly, I am now waking and doing my old morning routine. Light a candle, complete a Sun Salutation, sit and think about what I want to accomplish for the day. Feel the energy of the Divine. There are some mornings where Witchlette jumps out of bed to join me for “Blessed Be.”

Tomorrow makes day 5. I did this practice last week as well, but slacked over the weekend.

I also have the task of “write” logged into my calendar. Three random days a week, my phone dings to remind me it is time to put things aside and write. Whether it is on this blog, or writing a ritual, or writing a story or a poem…just time to write. Many days I just press “defer” and it gets pushed to another night.

This evening, at 8:50, my reminder popped up that tonight is a time to write. I Googled writing prompts and stumbled across 35 weeks of Pagan journal prompts. So now I have a place to start. The next time my phone dings, and it is time to write, if I am feeling lost, like I don’t have a place to start or a thing to write about, I will complete one of the journal prompts.





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