Packing it away

Monday night, Witchlette became ill on the way out to dinner with our kith. She coughed while looking away from the front window and in a perfect storm, more that just her cough was produced. 

At dinner, Witchlette continued to not feel well and clung to me. She slept on my lap as all of her insides worked on healing. 

Witchling was a whole seat away from me and it was impossible for me to reach him. I’ve never been away from him during a meal like that. I always sit between both kids and across Hubby or between my boys and across Witchlette. 

He was fine. Hubby was right there being the great daddy he is. 

I was the one with the problem. 

My baby boy, my last baby, is growing up. 

Witchlette has a habit of calling him “Baby”, which we have told her she cannot call him after his birthday. 

Today I said it: “You have 10 days left to call him Baby. Then, he’s not a baby anymore.”

10 days. 

10 days and I’m out of baby. 

There will still be diapers. There will still be nursing (Witchlette nursed twice a day until 15 months).

There will always be snuggles. He doesn’t have to be a baby to snuggle. But he will become a big boy who doesn’t want to cuddle his mama because he’s too grown. A dear friend with whom I have lost direct contact because our lives are in such different places (her youngest is 3 years older than my oldest) is going through that with her oldest. He’s a mumbling distant emotionally healthy teenage boy. 

I have many years til then, but I feel as though my clock is ticking. 

This month carseats are on sale in honor of baby car safety month. Big box baby store has a 25% off coupon when one carseat is turned in. We have a now-expired hand-me-down we never got to use and Witchling’s baby carrier. He’s too big for me to carry in the carrier but when Hubby and I are sharing school taxiing, we need to bring it inside. Which means I have Witchling on my hip and his empty bucket on my arm. So we are throwing in the baby bucket towel, the baby bucket that carried both of my babies home from the hospital. We are turning in gift cards and using the coupons and getting two big boy carseats. 

I just packed Hubby’s base and the hand me down into my trunk. A small piece of my heart broke closing the trunk. Moving on from the baby. 

10 days until he’s 1. 10 days until there’s no more baby. 

But there is so much more coming. So much fun and excitement ahead. 

And there will always be snuggles. 


3 thoughts on “Packing it away

  1. There’s always time for snuggles. Lots and lots of them. I still snuggle with my two littlest ones. We separate ourselves too soon in this society. Keep Calm & Snuggle on!!!! LOL! And soooo much excitement ahead! I have 6 children, how many do you have?

    Many Blessings on your journey )O(

  2. They grow up too fast! My baby will be nine months this month so we’re right behind you.

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