Prayers are worthless sometimes

Published August 28, 2016 by Lunapo

After a tragedy, folks are quick to offer their prayers. And, unfortunately, many offer little more than that. 

See someone on the side of the street who is without food and shelter? 

Well, I’ll pray for them. 

How about a blanket and some food? That’s much more valuable that just prayer. 

I am not trying to belittle prayer. Prayer is important and has its place. It’s when folks do nothing more than pray. 

And in some cases, prayer is all one has to offer. But typically this is not so. Boxes of cans of veggies to at the local food bank don’t cost more than $20 and a small bit of time. Don’t have $20? Buy and bring what you have. Have no spare funds? Donate your time. 

By prayer, I mean strictly in the Abraham tradition. They’re god will keep his people so long as they honor him and pray. But if that was true, we wouldn’t have believers living in squalor with little to keep them here. Are they not true believers. Does this god then smite and punish these folks? Yeah, some would say so…

Give of yourself, not because of the reward you will get at the end. Do it because it is the right thing to do for your fellow man. 

Note: I admit to my guilt of not doing enough for my community as of yet. First was waiting for Witchlette to get older, then Witchling came. We will be starting working together this coming year. 


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