A wrap

Tomorrow the alarm will sound. I will rise and prep for the day. First day of the 16-17 school year. Teacher work days for the whole week, but still a full work week

This summer has been great. Refreshing. Rejuvenating. In more than just I’m an educator and I need a summer vacation, but as a chance to get to know my son. Witchling had the bad habit of not napping when he was younger. He would be so exhausted, he would fall asleep in the car on the way home and sleep until dinner, play for a short time, then go to bed. I think part of my problems were that I didn’t know him other than to feed him. This summer, especially on days when Witchlette would sleep and Witchling would be awake, we got time together just the two of us. And what a blast!

He is also older and is blossoming so very much. He has tempted his first steps, has quite a few words in his little vocabulary bank, and is just so bubbly and happy. 

And I do believe he’s going to follow in his sister’s footsteps with his enjoyment of Magick Circle. Today, while buckled into the baby wearer on my back, he craned himself so he could see all that was happening at the altar space. I had to turn to the side to allow him a full view. 

As an aside- the ritual leader called Odin to the Circle and boy did he deliver. I personally have always been tentative to work directly with Allfather as he is not someone with whom you commune on a whim. After he was invited to the Circle, a rather large murder of crows (yes, murder, look it up) descended to the area outside of the garden. Some were large enough they appeared to actually be ravens. One of them left a gift for me behind my car- a new feather for my altar. I’m considering beginning a working relationship with Allfather. Was a great way to end the summer. 

While I cannot say I am happy to be returning to work, simply because it means I am no longer with my kids all day every day, I also know that this way will be more beneficial to them (and to me) in the end. On Thursday, I was speak with a neighbor who is a SAHM with an almost 4yo and a 7yo. Her oldest started school and she was lamenting how unfair it is that this forced institution takes her kids away from her. It can be a huge change for kids who just stay home with mom to start kindergarten and be away for the whole day (I’ve seen children who also thrive and families who make it work). It’s going to be a big deal for Witchlette and huge for Witchling who has gotten himself into a sleeping through the night napping 2 hours a day groove. We all get a break from real life and we all get time to be together. But 24/7 just us can be exhausting on relationships. I want my kids to be secure in their relationships outside of the immediate family. I want them to be fully functional people. I want them to thrive. And I don’t know how to do that without having them rely on someone else for a few hours a day. 

Besides, if I was a permanent SAHM, I’d have to also be responsible for the other classically woman jobs: cooking and cleaning. And I am a shitty housekeeper. 

Cheers to Summer 2016. It was a blast!

192 work days until Summer 2017…


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