This evening as we sat down for dinner, Witchlette asked with an explosion of toddler excitement, “What are we celebrating tonight?” I responded, “What would you like to celebrate?” “Lughnasadh!” she replied as she went to the table. 

Our red candle is still out, and will be used again for Mabon. Though, tonight, Hubby and I were discussing over dinner, with his promise to be participatory in at-home rituals, that we have nightly blessings with seasonally decorated table and color appropriate candles for dinner. This practice allows us to not only make Magick real and shared and a family affair, but also, since we are at the dinner table, get back into actively blessing our food. 

I had seasonal decor for our foyer table, which has been in storage since Witchlette started walking. This decor will be put around the grapevine wreath with the seasonally-alligned color candle in the center. 

When Beth puts out her Sun Wheel for Yule preparation, we will adjust the layout but otherwise we should be good!


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