This week, I said screw it all, I am scrapbooking. I haven’t worked on Witchling’s baby book in months…since before he was born…and I left off at 27 weeks pregnant. I didn’t have it in me, or I didn’t want to take everything out only to leave a mess/put it all away after a short session. 

Well, screw all that. 

Today only, while Witchling napped and Witchlette sat across the room playing playdough, I scrapbooked Witchling’s baby book from 28 weeks through his blessing (at 2 months). 

I have everything lined up to be done through 10 months- rollover days, holidays, first swim, first beach trip. 

I have similar plans for the big family book. The last page done there is Witchling’s gender announcement. But, again, I have everything lined up to go in. 

Additionally, I have to add to Witchlette’s baby book with her 2nd and 3rd birthday pictures. I plan to keep doing a favorites board and taking pictures to add to the book until they turn 18… including notes for years when they won’t humor me 😀📸

Seeing less of the trees, and more of the forest. Seeing less of the darkness and more of the light. 

I can’t say I’m back to my old self. I don’t think I’ll ever be her again. I’ve evolved. I am both rougher and more tender. I am both stronger and more fragile. I am protector, teacher, guide, mentor, and role model. I love being a mother to both of my kids. I always have. 

I have picked my two. Something had to give, so I gave it up. 

Now, to return to scrapbooking!


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