No words

Witchlette has learned, since the Orlando mass shooting, has learned that when bad men who hurt people come on the news, the TV gets turned off. 

Because I’m trying to shelter at least some of her innocence. She likes fluff news-puppies for adoption. She loves science news-puppies Pluto and Jupiter probes and exploration. 

But now I’m scared of the news, of the world. 

I never dealt with this with Witchlette. But the ppd with Witchling…another story entirely. 

Has the world really gotten that much worse? Or is it just that now the “worse” is here in our backyard?

There was a mass shooting while I was in maternity leave. Because of course there was, this is new commonplace America. 

I work in a school. 

My children will go to school. 

And my heart aches to have them just be in a bubble with me at all times because I would some how be able to keep them safe and they would never have to deal with any of this ever. 

Black Americans are being murdered by police officers. 

Before I continue…

Things have been getting more divided. More us vs them. More red vs blue, which had bled into Black vs White. 

I read an article a long while back which stated that the Civil War isn’t over yet. And I don’t just mean the rednecks with the Confederate flag on their pick-up trucks. The North won the battle, but the South would keep fighting and would eventually win the War. The ideals of plantation life were weaved into economics and is keeping the lifestyle of the South alive. That the poor and minorities were going to continue to be suppressed until…until there’s nothing left. 

I had a dream last night that we were going to go to war. A civil war. That the words of that article are ringing true and that these ideals are what have pushed the divide. The red/blue divide that has now spilled blood into the streets. 

I was in Target today, in my own as Hubby was with the Witches, and I had a moment of panic. What if the dream is right? How am I going to raise my kids like this? I fear for Witchlette, as a woman in a rape culture where she will always have to watch where she goes and what she does/says/wears because ultimately it doesn’t matter what the man does to her, it matters what she did that enticed him to do so. This has been proven again and again. 

But women of color who send their children out to school every day, who have grown sons who go to work…I can’t imagine the fear they live with every day, fear that their child will be next. My dream is their life everyday. 

The potential first shots of this possible war were fired last night. Officers who do not live up to the ideals represented in the badge they wear have abused their power. Minorities who have been taught to fear authority have faced their fears and have paid with their lives. 

Then, in a moment that could have been a positive turning point, like above, snipers came in and murdered officers who were the ones who do live up to the ideals represented in the badge they wear. 

We now can go one of two ways. 

We can either say: ENOUGH. 

Enough of the mass murders. 

Enough of the single murders. 

Enough of the hate. 

Enough of the separation. 

Enough of the us vs them. 


We can let it consume us. We can let this be the beginning of war. A war between neighbors and friends, brothers and countrymen. 

I don’t think the whole world has gotten worse. I think it’s just now here as opposed to a world away. 


One thought on “No words

  1. Fny says:

    It is frightening. We’ve been sheltered here in the west for so long now that it comes as a bit of a shock, doesn’t it? I keep reminding myself that this – and far worse – is the reality people in other parts of the world have lived through all along. And same with our ancestors, think of the horrid times of war, starvation, plagues, and persecution they’ve gone through. Somehow they made it, or we wouldn’t be here. We’ll make it too.

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