The first chat

Last time it happened was before Witchling was conceived, and while Witchlette saw it, because I’ve had an audience since her arrival, she was not quite 18 months old the last time she was exposed to the concept and, rightfully so, had no memory of it.

Mama…what’s that?

Her look of disgust and concern rolled into one.

It’s blood. It’s not a boo-boo, I’m not hurt. This happens to grown ladies. My body is telling me there isn’t a baby growing inside.

The next day she caught it again.

What’s that now?

It’s the same blood. It happens for a few days. But it still doesn’t hurt and it still just means that I don’t have a baby growing.

A few minutes later, after she went potty, she assured me there was no blood in hers, because she isn’t a grown lady, but there’s also no baby growing because she wants to play with her brother.

She then asked me about my Lunapads. I explained that they go on my undies to catch the blood so it doesn’t ruin my clothes. And that they go in the laundry just like diapers. I showed her my two patterns, teal with stars and black with bicycles, and the pattern for the set I ordered, red with foxes.

Menstruation is not something taboo to be embarrassed about. And she now knows this from a young age. It’s a natural process. She also is growing up with the concept of not using disposable products. Diapers and pads. Because children become what they see and what they are exposed to. And she would like yellow when she’s a grown lady.


2 thoughts on “The first chat

  1. levia5 says:

    It’s so cute seeing kid’s reactions to periods. My five year old and my two year old, girl and boy respectively, have both seen mommy have her period. Privacy once you have kids is not heard of haha. I use both cloth pads and a menstrual cup. My daughter got excited when I told her I can teach her to sew her own pads when she’s a bit older. 🙂

  2. Willow says:

    The oldest of the girls I currently nanny has always gone to the bathroom with me. I swear I never get a break. But the first time she asked I told her it was blood and she was like ok. Didn’t phase her in the least and still doesn’t. She likes to tease me about it, but has never asked what my tampons are or where they go or anything. She just looks at me and says you booty has blood. Hahaha!

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