The sleep machine

We brought the sleep machine home Wednesday night. And like everything else I encounter, I expected immediate results.

It was was too bright, impossibly bright for a midnight toy. Witchling winced when it was turned on and was unable to look at it taking away the killing visuals. The sounds didn’t do anything without the visuals.

Hubby took the machine apart yesterday and applied some dark blue paint to the lightbulbs. This would dim them enough that Witchling should be able to see the visuals and not be blinded.


Last night Witchling lulled himself to sleep. He showed full control of the button, playing with it on and off until he laid down, with it left on, and drifted to sleep.

This morning he woke about 6:30 and turned it on, talking to the creatures for about 15 minutes before signaling to us.


Witchling has been up 3-4 times a night to nurse. He’s stuffy? He’s teething? He’s hungry? He’s lonely?

Yesterday we learned/confirmed Witchling is allergic to strawberry. Last time he ate strawberries was the last Sunday in April and he was quite ill all day. We attributed the illness to a bug. He had three whole berries. Yesterday at breakfast he had two slices of strawberry from my plate. He got them on his mat and rubbed his arms in them as he ate. When I went to wioe him down after eating, I saw hives on his arms. In the bathroom after a good cleaning and a new diaper, and was starting to get bumpy on his face- he had been rubbing his face with strawberry hands. Called the doctor and he vomited all of breakfast while I was giving them the scenario. Doctor called back and suggested Benadryl as long as there are no breathing issues. There were none, so Benadryl it was and the hives went down. In addition to calming his skin, the congestion that is everyday ailing him subsided. And he slept through the night, waking only once (2 am) to eat.

So, he’s stuffy. Number one on my why is he waking up list. And he’s too stuffy to put himself to sleep. He’s too tired and uncomfortable with all of his stuffiness. So he seeks comfort from Mama. Remove the stuffy- I can work with that. 


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