No steps back

Things have gotten into a nice groove. For a while, it felt like two steps forward, five steps back. But there have been no steps back for a few weeks now. 
Two Sunday’s ago, we shifted Witchling’s bedtime routine: he now nurses downstairs, then upstairs for pjs, lotion, and a book before going down for the night. This is contrasted to him getting pjs, lotion, and a boob before going down for the night. We aren’t sleep training- I can’t wrap my mind around the whole thing- but we are teaching him to put himself to sleep, just like we did for Witchlette about this age. A few days into his routine, and Hubby and I started trading off on Witchling’s bedtime which gives Witchlette our undivided attention and let’s us both have bonding time with Witchling. It’s a win-win for all involved. 

Since the first night he took a bedtime, another switch flipped in me. He’s old enough to not need just me. He’s bonding with Daddy. Hubby and I are 50-50 with care. Everything is coming to a balance. 

Tonight was my turn for Witchling bedtime. I got him ready, read three books, and laid him down with his  non-plush comfy guy, Sophie (we can tell between the Sophies because Witchlette has loved the spots off of hers). He was holding his Sophie and talking to the Things on his mobile. I opened the door to leave and he got cranky. No sleep training, but we do give him 5 minutes to fuss. Real crying we go right to him. He fussed for three minutes then started real crying. I scooped him up, and he was fighting and uncomfortable and just generally not happy. I grounded myself and opened my heart chakra, letting the green energy envelop and comfort him. He melted into my chest and relaxed. I held him and rocked him, continuing to wrap him in love, with me connected to the divine by a swirling purple-white that moved like a winding river as I swayed. A few moments later, he started to doze. I laid him back down and he remained calm and was able to work himself into a deep sleep. 

This weekend there is a gathering at Magick Circle. After about two months away, so I could gather myenergy  and horde it for all non-optional activities, I am ready to return to doing things for pleasure in addition to necessity. This improvement compounded with our beautiful experience tonight, shows me that I’m ready to rejoin the world beyond work and home. 


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