Musical Musings: Lullabies

I had it all planned out when I was pregnant with Witchlette. I would sing her Tura Lura Lural because I decided that was my favorite lullaby and I wanted it to be Irish.

One day while prepping her nursery, I was listening to Pandora and I heard 1000 years. I sat down and cried with over whelming emotions of just how much that song rang true for me. I died everyday waiting to have her. I loved her before she was here and I will love her for all time. Fate brought her to me and made me her mom and I’ll love her forever.

That became her lullaby. I sang it to her almost every day. Then she started talking and we didn’t need a song anymore. We were having conversations with a back and forth and I didn’t need the musical filler to take up the silence in the room.

It is still a song I sing to her when she doesn’t feel well or is just generally in need of a snuggle. But the singing times were becoming fewer and farther between, especially since her brother’s birth.

My pregnancy with Witchling was much more of a whirlwind. I never stopped to plan a lullaby for him. Which works because I have yet to sing my planned lullaby to Witchlette. But I hadn’t sung to him at all until a few days ago.

A few weeks ago, I was changing his diaper when I had a strange sense of deja vu: I remembered changing a baby who wasn’t Witchlette on a blue changing pad wearing a light green creeper. I remember in my dream feeling this incredibly strong pull towards this baby but I knew it wasn’t Witchlette. I had dreamt of Witchling and everything was meant to happen and good in so many ways. It hadn’t fallen as perfectly  into place as Witchlette did, but it still fell into place.

A few days after my dream, I had the song from Sleeping Beauty, Once Upon A Dream, stuck in my head and I knew that was his lullaby. I know him, I dreamt of him before he was conceived. Things may not be as easy as they seem or as easy as they could be, but I love my boy and he loves his mama, just like in my dream.

This afternoon I found both songs on Prime radio and played them and sang them to the kids. Witchlette really liked hearing hers again and wants to hear it more often. I admittedly haven’t sang to her much since my second trimester with Witchling. And Witchling is captivated by his lullaby.

Because music is the language of the soul. 


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