Today was in physical realness the emotional realm I have been experiencing. 

The day started with a heavy fog, muggy and too warm for February and relatively uncomfortable. It wasn’t as bad as say a July afternoon near a swamp muggy but it was sticky. 

Severe weather was threatening an appearance after causing chaos in other parts of the South. 

About two hours into work, it was decided that our district would be sending kids home due to impending bad weather. Leaving work, I looked at the sky. The sky was a dull gray overcast but the fog had lifted. 

I left work 30 minutes after the students and heading to get my littles. As soon as Witchlette got out of her room, and into the hallway where no one was trying to nap, she started exclaiming the nervous excitement she had about the coming tornadoes and how much fun it was today to all have a party in the bathroom. 

It was still too warm for February but now the sun was shining through holes in the clouds. 

We piled into the car and headed home. Daycare is a 30 minute walk from my house, and in the 5 minute drive today the sky quickly grew darker. Just as I closed the front door to get all three of us inside, the deluge started. 

Well, that sunniness was over rather quickly. 

I sat down for lunch and Witchlette said she was hungry so she had a yogurt. Witchlette heard on the news that there was a tornado outside of Concord, about 3 hours west, and started sobbing that daddy needed to come home before the tornado got him. I showed the difference between Concord and Raleigh on the map and offered her to nap on the couch rather than her bed because she didn’t want to be alone. 

The rain grew lighter but did not cease completely. It varied between hard and soft for about an hour. 

Witchlette didn’t nap and was growing restless which was disturbing Witchling’s nap. I de sided to take full advantage of the afternoon and we baked. Just as the muffins went into the oven, the rain ceased completely, the sky cleared completely, the sun came out, the birds started to sing. Of course, we couldn’t go outside with the oven on. 

The muffins were ready to come out just as the sky grew dark again and rain once again began to fall. 

Reports were coming in of tornadoes in our area. Two in Oxford, about an hour north, and one in Fayetteville, around an hour and a half south. 

No systems grew strong enough in our immediate area. 

Once the morning fog lifted, the sky was never really dark until nightfall. 

After bedtime I made a quick run to the store and was let in awe on my return home. The sky is crystal clear, the night is dark and crisp and the Moon is almost full with a beautiful peacefulness. The storms are over, now it is time to rest by the light of the Moon. 

Truth be told, my faith in a lot of ways has been waning. I felt lost in and about myself that I wasn’t sure which way to go or what thing to do. Seeing the Moon nchir the calm after the storms reminded me that the turmoil is temporary and it shall pass, though it may seem to get worse before it truly gets better. And that throughout the rain, the Moon is always there. She may be tucked away but she is still there. 

Blessed be. 


4 thoughts on “Moonstruck

  1. Fny says:

    To live in tornado area….it sounds very dramatic! I must admit I’m glad we don’t have such extreme weather here, never have I had to worry about anything more serious than how much snow I’ll need to shovel off the driveway. x)

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