Yule 2015

Last year I did recon through December and established a Yule pattern that we could follow when Witchlette got older, as she was still a tad too young to take in everything. 

Two weeks later I became pregnant with Witchling and I feel as though I’m back to where I was- kid too young to do much. And perhaps Mom a tad too tired to try?

Witchling had a nasty virus, but I’m happy to say we are in the clear. He went all night without coughing last night. He never stopped eating while he was sick. His fever never reached more than 100. This virus, while only a cold in older kids and adults, can be deadly in infants if left unchecked, was closely monitored by two overly attentive parents and a great pediatrician who called every day to check on my boy. That’s as close to house calls as one is going to find!

With him feeling better and Witchlette almost finished with her antibiotics (double ear infection)…it’s beginning to feel a lot like Yule!

I published a list of nights last year, to share but also to hold to reference myself. 

The first night is Mother’s night special to Frigga. We will take this night to honor Frigga and all mothers in our ancestry. This is also the night we exchange family gifts.

Hubby made me special pancakes for breakfast and I’m taking Witchlette to Magick Circle this afternoon. This mama feels honored. We will not, however, be exchanging gifts yet. 

The second night is the Wild Hunt, a time to reflect on the scary aspects of the dark season. I’m guessing this is where the line There’ll be tales of the glories and scary ghost stories of Christmases long long agocame from in “Holly Jolly Christmas”. This is a night that will definitely be spent indoors!!

So not “Holly Jolly” but “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. Oops. Hubby and I will be enjoying Tale of Two Santas (Futurama). This would also be a good night for Krampus. We’ll read Witchlette The Grinch as that’s about as much scary as her 2 year old self can handle. 

The third is the High Feast, which we will always celebrate on Yule even if we have to move around the date. It just so happens that 2015 won’t require rearranging. Tonight we will do our family ritual for the solstice and when we will have our special feast.

This is the night we will exchange gifts. It’s also the night we will be using our Sun Wheel to complete our family ritual over dinner. 

The fourth is a night for Njord and Freya. We will take this night to honor all of the elements and elementals.

Hubby’s first day off from work. If the weather cooperates, we’ll take the kids to the park and talk about elements and how they change through the seasons. 

The fifth is community. This will get easier as Witchlette gets older. To start, we’re going to do something small like buy some food and drop it off at the food pantry. Eventually I hope to work up towards giving our time at a shelter or a food kitchen (and yes this is something I want to do more than just one day a year!)

In the morning, we’ll be baking cookies and after naps, we’ll deliver them to our neighbors. 

The sixth is for family. We will spend the morning together enjoying gifts from Santa and a lovely breakfast together. After a morning together enjoying time off from work, and a nap, we will gather with extended family for dinner.

Extended family will be coming to us so we won’t have to move two littles. They may arrive during naps. Otherwise, exactly this. 

The seventh is a night just for Thor. A night when we will look at extremes and balances. Thor is a perfect model for this as he goes from calm and clear-thinking to raging, angry warrior. It’s important to have both, but they must be kept in check.

Perhaps Mickey’s Christmas Carol…balance between the self and the world. 

The eighth is for Skadi and Ullr. Solstice is the start of winter and this night is a time to look at the aspects of cold.

We will do a winter-related craft. Cotton ball snowmen is always fun!

The ninth is for Odin and all fathers. We will take this night to honor Odin and all fathers in our ancestry.

Do things Daddy would like to do, as was done on Mother’s night. Will also be held on night 10 since Hubby’s working this day. 

The tenth for the sun, as it as has firmly began its return to the Northern Hemisphere and the days begin to feel “normal” again, as they haven’t since mid-October.

Will be held on day nine. We will plant some bulbs in preparation for the spring. 

The eleventh is for honoring all Goddesses and Gods, and men and women in our ancestry.

Looking through family albums. 

The twelfth, which falls on December 31st, is oath night. This year Hubby and I are making a memory jar. We are resolving to live in the moment and enjoy everything life gives. A memory jar has trinkets and momentos from events, or slips of paper describing the moment, that is happy or important to one or all of us, no matter how big.

Yeah…we never did the jar. But being NYE, we’ll make pledges for the coming year. 


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