Gratitude month: day 26 (part 1)

Last night I led the Full Moon ritual at Magick Circle. When I signed up for and wrote the Ritual, I didn’t put the date and the month together. I focused, instead, on the meaning of the moon regardless to how close to Thanksgiving it falls. 

Spiritually, I’m thankful to have my Goddess shine down on me on this day of pause and gratitude. I’m thankful to look up and see my Goddess every night and my God every morning. Even on the most cloudy days, I know they are there. I can feel the warmth and see the light from the Sun and bask in all that is made from his light. Life comes from his light and warmth. My Goddess then oversees the life that is created- the cycles of the tides on the planet and the cycles of the tides of the feminine mystery. 

Blessed Be to the Sun and the Moon. 


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