Gratitude month: day 25

Yesterday was a very bad morning for M. And while it’s possible it was going to happen anyway, as she had a day just like this when Witchlette was about this age, it is also possible that I had a hand in it by dropping the ball on her medication. 

The dark rolled in as she lay on the floor convulsing and in the moment  I just knew it was my fault, that I had let her down. I knew that I was a complete failure. 

But I did the right thing and reached out- to my sis J. J and I have been friends since high school and she is more family than some blood relations. She and her hubs and son are the epitome of the family you choose. With a few kind words of encouragement, she reminded me that mistakes happen but it’s what we do next that matters- and that I was in complete control as I already began the steps to rectify the situation. 

She also referred to me as super mom.

Also have to give a shout out to ST who, in our three goodbyes later parking lot chat after Magick Circle, reinforced the message from J. 

Both of these great ladies said they are learning from me and that touched me so very deeply. Thank you- not only for saying it but for meaning it. Because if I’m good enough to learn from, then I’m good enough. 


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