Gratitude month: day 15 and 16

Day 15:

Crumb cake. 

Yesterday, I led a family program circle at CotE. The leader is responsible for cakes and ale. On Saturday, Witchlette and I made a killer crumb cake. Hubby, Witchlette, and I all had a small piece for breakfast. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the folks at Magick Circle. Then, hubby and I both had a nice size piece for dessert. 

Crumb cake- a treat for all times of day. 

Day 16:


Witchling is not the best napper. He sleeps really well at night, but some days, not so much during the day. Today is one of those days. Presently, I am in the waiting area of our local tire shop waiting to have Hubby’s tire fixed. Because we drove here (thank you Captain Obvious ;-P ) he is currently soundly sleeping in his carrier. 


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