Gratitude month: days 12-14

I drafted my post for day 12, but I never finished it. Day 13 fell by the wayside before I had a chance to draft anything. And those two days felt like a whole week- in a good way. So much accomplished and so much quality time enjoyed. 

Day 12:

I know this post is going to seem incredibly vain. Well, it does because it is. It’s a post about my own vanity. 

If you’ve got it, own it. Flaunt it. Shake what your mama gave you.  Except I wasn’t shaking anything. 

See, I love my hair. I have great hair. Full, thick, bouncy. Banana curls. Just from waking up. I’m very lucky to have this hair. 

I let my hair grow nice and long so I could do it in more braids. Hippie hair. Milk maid and halo braids. But curly hair doesn’t hold braids well. So I grew it longer, surely that was the answer. But the braids still fell apart within a few hours of putting them together. Then I fell into a mom-hair rut. A bun everyday because the braids wouldn’t hold. Or a low, lose braid because the fancy ones wouldn’t hold. 

And to top it all off, the weight of my hair was pulling on my curls and stopping them from bouncing as they should. 

So I took the plunge. 


 8 inches off, to be send to Pantene’s wig program. 

I’m grateful for my curls. 

Day 13:

I am grateful for the friends and fellowship I have gotten from CotE. Last night was the second Friday of the month which means the monthly potluck social. After putting Witchlette to bed, I grabbed my homemade applesauce and headed out. I sat and talked with friends. We sat around the fire and enjoyed a lovely time. 

Day 14:

I’m grateful that both kids napped at the same time today. It allowed me to decompress and soak in some Saturday Deep Couch Sitting. 


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