Gratitude month: days 9 and 10

No, I didn’t skip a day. I combined two days. 

Day 9:

I’m eternally grateful to mia madre. Not only has this incredibly strong woman given me life, she has been with me every step of the way on all of my journeys. She has always been my cheerleader, no matter what my endeavor. And she continues to be a huge source of support in so many ways…

Day 10. 

Before I return to work, I am going to have a clean slate to come home to. 

There is a gene that apparently skips every other generation. My great-grandmother had it, my mother has it, and, so far, it seems Witchlette has it. I do not. So my mom, with her gene and her unbelievable support, has come to help me organize and tidy. Evenmoreso, she has deep-cleaned to leave Hubby and I with a maintenance/upkeep level. 

It’s incredibly likely that it will all fall apart within a few weeks of being back at work because quality time with the kids is still priority number one. But it feels great to transition back to “real life” with a clean slate. 


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