Gratitude month: day 6

For the rest of my maternity leave, I am keeping Witchlette home every Friday and enjoying my time with both of my babes. 

As today was a really nice fall day, we spent the morning at the park. Witchlette got to swing, play in the sandpit, and have a snack of raisins. Witchling hung out in my wearer snug as a bug. 

After raisins, we went for a lovely walk. 

 We then met Hubby for lunch and headed home for our nap. After naps, we will spend the afternoon doing free play- art, toys, books- whatever strikes her fancy. 

While my time as a SAHM is limited to this maternity leave, winter, spring, and summer breaks it is time I am relishing in. I am grateful for the time with my babies, for the proximity of Hubbys job and flexibility to get lunch, and for autumn days like today. 


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