Down days

Logically, I know everything is good. Logically, I know we’re all doing our best. Logically, I know I made the choice to be on point and 90% of the time I wouldn’t change that decision. Even the other 10% of the time when it gets hard, I wouldn’t change my decision. 

Logically, I know all this. Yet emotions cloud logic and judgement. Hunger and exhaustion compound the emotional triggers they’ve already set off. 

On good days, there’s no need to discuss anything. On down days, it’s impossible to discuss anything. Every day I try to do better and be better and be happy. Some days there’s no effort needed and other days are much harder. Meditation helps. Tenderness and sweet nothings from Hubby are the best medicine. 

Hug, smile, and keep going. 


3 thoughts on “Down days

  1. wgr56 says:

    There’s some incense burning for you here. Be well!

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