Published October 6, 2015 by Lunapo


We live in a “democracy”*, not a theocracy.   

One theology’s interpretation of “life” cannot influence the laws which affect people’s health care.   

One theology’s interpretation of marriage laws cannot influence the laws which affects people’s intimate relationships.  


One’s theology cannot extend to those who do not follow the same theology. One’s theology cannot extend to laws overseeing the lives of others, followers of said theology or not. 

Abortion is legal. Making it illegal will not reduce the number of abortions. But it will increase the number of illegal, unsafe abortions which will result in the injury and deaths of more women. 

Gay marriage is legal. Making it illegal will not reduce the number of gay people/couples. It will not push folks back into the closet. It will not make the change of modern society go away. Rayher, making it illegal will create more tension as a right that was granted and made law of the land will be stripped away. Besides, the fact that women aren’t sold to their husbands for livestock means marriage has been redifined by society already. 



*This great nation of ours was founded as a democracy and on paper continues to be one, but anyone with half a brain knows we are quickly and underhandedly becoming an oligarchy. 


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